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The Myotherapist Specialist in the Coffs Harbour. With over 10 years clinical experience we will fine tune the most effective and efficient treatment plan that will help you return to and / or maintain your optimal fitness.

Coffs Harbour Myotherapy uses advanced musculoskeletal and neural techniques to treat sustained muscle fascial tension that is holding the body from its optimal symmetry. This can cause pain, and reduce physical strength, performance and restrict range of movement. This treatment is for those who want to reduce musculoskeletal pain and tension, enhances structural symmetry and improve general well being.  Generally  most clients will find relief  after the first visit however sometimes chronic conditions will need 3 or 4 visits.

If you are not sure about Myotherapy or you have any questions you are most welcome to email us at –  or  you can phone 0415 431 826  (You may have to leave a message as we are often with clients)

Myotherapy Treatment:  1 hour or 1.5 hours ($100/$145)

Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

Many of our local Coffs Harbour clients enjoy a deep mobilising massage. This form of massage uses firm pressure and stretching to loosen key areas of tightness, restoring flexibility and movement. This style of massage works deep within the muscles to free areas of restriction and help correct posture, making it ideal for people with lower back pain or neck and shoulder tension. It is especially suited for office workers who spend hours at a computer or desk, or those with active, busy lifestyles.

Recommended Remedial Massage time: 1 hour or 1.5 hour ($100/$145)

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is mostly a gentle treatment modality that very often yields profoundly positive outcomes. Practitioners of Acupuncture and Shiatsu have observed that Bowen Therapy makes use of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian systems to good effect.  The procedure or  moves within Bowen Therapy also work with the bodies nervous system which can have local and/or systemic effects.

Recommended Bowen Therapy Treatment Time:  1 hour $100

Sports Massage

We have two qualified Sports Trainers with Body Alignment and they support the local football club and cycling user groups here in Coffs harbour. Sports massage is not just for professional sports people it will also benefit anyone who is physically active and seeking to get their muscles in peak condition. Our sports treatments will use a variety of massage, cupping and stretching techniques aimed at preventing injuries and enhancing  performance

Relaxation and Sleep Promotion

For every sports person recovery is just as important as the training. During our sleep we integrate the skills and information that we trained for during the day. Sleep is also an important time for the body to rebuild, repair and grow so it can more effectively achieve the demands we ask of it. Improved sleep promotes healing and recovery and benefits everyone, sports people or the non sporting person.

If you’ve been searching for a way to facilitate recovery after training or competing, improve your flexibility, support your body during periods of high loading, eliminate training disruption or delays and promote relaxation and sleep – then sports massage may be the solution you’re after.

Participating in, or Running a Special Sporting Event ?

If you or your team would like to invest in sports therapy before or after your race or game then contact Coffs Harbour  Massage and Myotherapy or Body Alignment on 0415 431 826 and we will can discuss some options and prices for you.

Sports massage; 1 to 1.5 hours ($100/$145)

Well Being Massage

The local Coffs residents keep coming back for this massage. A beautiful massage with moderate pressure and flowing movements are used. It is designed to reduce fatigue and stress and get you into a state of allowing.  This massage will promote complete relaxation and aromatherapy or natural oils are used according to your preference. For those experiencing stress, anxiety or insomnia, this is a wonderful way to relax, relieving mental and physical tension. All of our massages are designed to be therapeutic and to improve your well being.

Recommended time: 1 or 1.5 hours ($100/$145)

Mobile Massage

Not wanting to leave the comfort of your hotel or home? Why not treat yourself to any one of the above massage options at your home office or sports location.

Recommended time for Mobile massage 1 to 1.5 hours ($140/$185) This pricing is for any location within a radius of 10km from Coffs Harbour CBD.

Phone  –  0415 431 826     or    email –