Do You Need a Professional Myotherapist? Consider Body Alignment in Coffs Harbour

As our bodies age, we collect injuries and body pains. Because of the substantial expense of treatment or, because we cannot take the time out of our schedules to relax, people tend to accept their minor pains. When we do this to ourselves, a new injury can age into something even worse. Tightness around the injury or lesion can brace your pain, fixing it permanently into your body so that you can get along with it. Fortunately, a victim of these ailments can enlist the help of a myotherapist, and Body Alignment brings the science and technology of myotherapy to Coffs Harbour, NSW.

At Body Alignment in Coffs Harbour, a myotherapist can perform all the techniques necessary to attack the problem areas in your body, assist in relieving your pain, and reinvigorate your muscles. Our extensively qualified and trained myotherapists. We offer a menu full of options that will help you suit your visit to your specific needs. When you need the help of a highly qualified myotherapist in Coffs Harbour, Body Alignment is your best choice for treatment.

Try a Coffs Harbour Myotherapist Today to be Rejuvenated

A Coffs Harbour myotherapist will use techniques that resemble a simple massage session to the untrained eye. The myotherapist uses specific pressure points and modalities to uncover the problem area on the patient’s body and apply progressive treatment. By regularly visiting a myotherapist at Body Alignment, the symptoms and causes of your pain could be treated piece by piece, effectively unlocking those parts of your body and rejuvenating them.

Clients who visit a myotherapist in Coffs Harbour can receive various treatments anywhere from a relaxing massage to injury rehabilitation. Your myotherapy session will most likely be relaxing and light however in some situations there may be an element of relieving pain or discomfort. For example if trigger points are to be treated with ischemic pressure or dry needling there is often a reproduction of the same symptoms that the client reported and in a clinical sense this is a good thing as we know we are on the right track to resolving the puzzle of weakness and asymmetry. Not only focusing on the soreness and pinpointing the trigger points, a Body Alignment myotherapist will always aim to resolve the primary affected area that caused the trigger points in the first place and will encourage healing balance throughout the body.

How to Visit a Body Alignment Myotherapist and Forget Your Pain

After treatment, the patient of a myotherapy session may feel altered, and their symptoms may present themselves in new ways. In this way, myotherapy dismantles the pained area progressively, and the myotherapist at Body Alignment slowly heals the affected body part over a sequence of sessions. The most common techniques used are gentle neuromuscular massage, deep tissue pressure, and myofascial stretching, though various techniques that exist to precisely affect your unique ailment. The therapist aims to encourage metabolic circulation within the affected muscles to increase nutrient uptake and removal of waste and therefore improve the body’s ability to repair tissues, relax and reduce aches, stiffness, and tension.

At Body Alignment, our therapists take pleasure in challenging themselves to help you resolve your pain and bring a smile of relief to your face. When a happy customer feels improvements, and returns for more, we are satisfied. If you are ready to try myotherapy as a potential solution to your chronic pain, please browse our Treatment Menu and give us a call on 0415 431 826 to ask questions and set a plan toward your wellness. If you prefer to communicate electronically, send us an email.