What Can You Gain from a Myotherapist in Coffs Harbour?

In a certain sense, the human body is paradoxical—it’s hard to think of anything that each of us is better acquainted with than our own corporeal form, and yet the mysteries of the body are manifold, possibly even endless. Perhaps this is why so many of us feel confusion when it comes to our health and wellness. There’s so much information available about how to take care of our bodies, and many of the so-called “facts” seem to contradict one another. At a certain point, it can feel as though caring for our physical forms is barely worth the effort. However, there’s no cause for despair—professionals do exist who can help you reduce stress, cope with pain, and feel better.

Try seeking out the services of a qualified myotherapist in the Mid North Coast Coffs Harbour. A myotherapist provides highly specific treatment using a variety of neural and fascial techniques aimed at joint positioning and dealing with muscular tension. It can provide serious relief for a variety of discomforts, and has the added benefit of being an extremely relaxing experience for the patient.

When you’re looking for quality myotherapy in Coffs Harbour, seek out the services offered by Body Alignment. Our practice offers a variety of highly effective physical therapy solutions including relaxation, deep tissue and sports massages, but also provides myotherapy and Bowen therapy for a number of applications. The neural muscular techniques we employ allow us to excel in resolving many complaints, particularly when it comes to lumbar pelvic sacral pain and imbalances.

What Makes Myotherapy Special?

To the untrained eye, myotherapy might be difficult to distinguish from many basic forms of massage—but don’t be fooled. Myotherapy is used to help mitigate pain and discomfort in specific areas of the body, which often have their roots in body parts that might seem entirely unrelated at first glance. Our skill allows us to identify the causes of this pain accurately so that we can provide effective and long lasting relief. Choosing Body Alignment when you’re looking for a myotherapist is a wonderful step towards experiencing pain-free movement once again.

Therapy that Feels Good

Some people worry that physical therapy will be painful or invasive, but with myotherapy this is almost never the case. In fact, you’re practically guaranteed to walk out of our clinic feeling refreshed and relaxed. Many of our patients describe a feeling of “energised calm” after their treatments, which helps them return to their routines in high spirits.

Whether you live in the Mid North Coast, Coffs Harbour, or any other nearby area, you may want to explore natural hands on options for pain relief that don’t have adverse side effects. For more information about our clinic, our practices or our history, call Body Alignment today with your questions—or book an appointment with us and experience our services first hand! Good health shouldn’t be a mystery, and it doesn’t have to be a secret. When you contact us, you’ll find that it’s neither—in fact, it’s a relief.