Recover from a Sports Injury Faster with Physical Therapy in Coffs Harbour

Perhaps you recently ran a marathon and had been dealing with extremely painful shin splints ever since. Maybe you are struggling with some other type of chronic pain related to your sport or athletic activities. Either way, these lingering injuries can make it difficult to be active. Luckily at Body Alignment, we can help. Our practice specialises in massage therapy and physical therapy in Coffs Harbour, which means that we know how to help you recover from your injuries and get back to full strength.

Dealing with Shin Splints: What They Are and How to Resolve Them

Body Alignment’s main massage therapist is not only an expert in myotherapy but is also a sports trainer who teaches sports massage for Sports Medicine Australia. This extra experience working with athletes renders us especially adept at handling common sporting injuries. In particular, we work with many patients who are suffering from shin splints, providing Coffs Harbour physical therapy for reducing the length and severity of these injuries.

Shin splints are the result of repeated pounding on the shin bones and their attached muscular tissues. They are particularly common among runners but can affect any athlete who spends a lot of time on their feet. For instance, football players and basketball players are susceptible to shin splints as well. Running downhill, wearing worn out shoes during athletic activity or participating in a sport that involves repeated stops, starts and changes in direction (such as football) are all activities that lead to shin splints quickly.

Shin splints are normally caused by swelling muscles in the lower legs. As they swell, these muscles exert extra pressure against the shin bone. This pressure can create a dull, aching pain in and around the shins—usually on the inner side of each leg. This pain will manifest itself not just during physical activity, but also when you are resting. This lingering, ever-present pain and discomfort inspire many athletes to seek physical therapy from Body Alignment in Coffs Harbour.

In most cases, shin splints can heal itself if given the proper amount of rest time. Athletes can also reduce their risk for shin splints by stretching properly after periods of athletic activity. The problem is that, if you have shin splints, it can be frustrating waiting days or weeks to heal. Particularly if you are a competitive athlete, you need a quicker recovery time so that you can return to full activity.

Call Body Alignment for Coffs Harbour Physical Therapy

At Body Alignment, we can help you recover from your shin splints with special physical therapy in Coffs Harbour. Using a mix of basic relaxation massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage and myotherapy, we can provide effective pain relief from your shin splints and even help reduce the swelling in your legs. Our massage therapist will hardly even work the area of pain and discomfort. Instead, we can help resolve shin splints by working mostly on your hips and feet. After our sessions, many athletes report that not only have their shin splints resolved, but their running times have improved as well.

Stop dealing with the aching, chronic pain of shin splints. Call Body Alignment today to make an appointment for our Coffs Harbour physical therapy.