Knowing the Difference Between a Remedial Massage and a Relaxation Massage (and Where to Schedule a Remedial Massage in Coffs Harbour)

To the untrained eye, a remedial massage will look almost the same as a relaxation massage. Often, online sources will also use the terms ‘remedial massage’ and ‘relaxation massage’ interchangeably. Together, these factors have created a good deal of confusion about what a remedial massage is, or who can benefit from one.

At Body Alignment and Myotherapy Health, we offer remedial massage therapy in Coffs Harbour. Our massages or soft tissue therapies fall into a number of categories – Relaxing Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. Myotherapy, which is an advanced form of orthopaedic therapy or remedial massage. We do offer relaxing massages however our remedial massage treatments are not the same as a simple relaxation massages—although they can be very relaxing regardless.

Relaxation Massage vs. Remedial Massage: The Differences

The key differences between relaxation massage and remedial massage can mostly be gleaned from the names of the respective treatments. The primary goal of a relaxation massage is just that: relaxation. If you were to schedule a relaxation massage in Coffs Harbour, you would likely be looking to de-stress your body and mind. Through kneading and manipulation of the muscles, a relaxation massage can reduce tension and create a deep feeling of comfort and peace for the customer or patient.

A remedial massage, meanwhile, is meant to remediate certain issues with the body and nervous system. If you were to schedule a Coffs Harbour remedial massage at Body Alignment, you would likely be looking for a way to resolve chronic pain and tension in the body. Remedial massage therapy is grounded in the idea that many of the chronic pains we experience in our bodies are the results of imbalances in the nervous system. These imbalances create muscle tension, which can, in turn, cause the body’s joints—and especially the vertebra in your back—to move slightly out of their optimal alignment.

Bodily misalignment is the source of many types of chronic pain—from stiff joints to chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. A skilled and qualified remedial massage therapist can identify the original muscular sources of these pains. For many a remedial massage or myotherapy treatment is a preferred choice to addresses the pain.

The combined neural and fascial techniques used in remedial massage, bowen therapy and myotherapy can have a very relaxing impact on the body. As such, a remedial massage delivers most of the benefits of a relaxation massage—including dissipation of bodily tension and intense relaxation. However, a remedial massage can also yield other benefits—including effective relief from chronic pain, healthier and more stable joints, improved posture and alignment and even increased nerve signal strength—which can lead to increased body strength in general.

Call Body Alignment to Schedule Your Remedial Massage in Coffs Harbour

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