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If you have been suffering from a chronic soreness or tightness in part of your body, your first thought may be to look for a sprain, strain, or some other easily diagnosable injury. The problem with chronic soreness and tightness is that it is often difficult to identify the source of the pain. Indeed, many types of chronic pain—from back pain and shoulder pain to muscle pain in your arms or legs—relate back to neuromuscular imbalances.

At Body Alignment, we are experienced in treating and more often than not resolving these often mysterious aches and pains. By providing remedial massage therapy in Coffs Harbour, we can work together to help you identify the source of your complaint and resolve the imbalance that is causing it.

How Remedial Massage Therapy

If you come to Body Alignment in Coffs Harbour or the Mid North Coast for a remedial massage therapy treatment, we will start by working with you to identify exactly what is happening. This step of the process is more complicated than many patients realise. While you might feel the effects of a neuromuscular imbalance in your neck, back or shoulders, that does not necessarily indicate that the neck, back or shoulders is the source of the pain. Indeed, the primary cause of your complaint could be located at an entirely different (and seemingly unrelated) part of the body.

This facet of myotherapy is the part that some clients find difficult to understand. When it comes to muscle spasms, tightness or other types of chronic pain, the cause is less a single event and more a chain reaction. An issue with your neuromuscular systems can lead to the nerves in your muscles firing irregularly, which can, in turn, cause spasms and tightness. Your skeleton—including vertebrae and joints—are pulled into less than optimal positions when the nervous system tightens or loosens certain muscles in an attempt to create balance. This is usually set into motion by a repetitive pattern of poor posture or a trauma of some kind. These compensations that leave your bones and joints out of their optimal positions can lead to even more compensation patters—sometimes far away from the muscle or primary cause that started the chain reaction.

When you receive a remedial massage from a Body Alignment or Myotherapy Health therapist in Coffs Harbour, you may initially feel like you are simply receiving an ordinary massage. To the untrained eye, myotherapy can almost look like a standard massage. However, what myotherapy experts do is considerably more involved. At Body Alignment, our remedial massage therapists and myotherapists are trained to listen to your complaints, survey your body and trace the chain reaction that is causing your pain. A remedial massage will work to relax tight structures that are holding the joints and vertebra in a compromised position. Not only will your muscles feel more relaxed your nerve signal strength will improve. Collectively, these efforts can not only relieve your pain but also address the neuromuscular issues that created the pain—thereby preventing a situation where same chain reaction plays out once more.

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