Get Past Your Sporting Injuries with the Help of Body Alignment’s Massage Therapy Treatments in Coffs Harbour Jetty

When you are a serious athlete, the risk of becoming injured is constantly floating around in the back of your mind. A severe injury—from a torn ACL to a hip flexor strain—can keep you off the field for months, and might even require surgery. However, even if you manage to avoid these common and dreaded injuries, you might not be so lucky to avoid even more common issues like chronic back or shoulder pain.

Back pain is not an issue that only affects athletes. On the contrary, it’s just as likely for someone to develop chronic back pain from sitting hunched over a computer all day at work. However, for athletes, chronic pain and tension can be particularly disruptive. How can you give your best performance during a sporting event when there is a constant pain in your upper back, or when the tension in your shoulders and neck are sharply limiting your range of motion?

Resolve Your Chronic Pain for Good, with a Massage Therapy Treatment in Coffs Harbour

At Body Alignment, we offer a range of massage therapy treatments, many of them perfectly suited for busy, competitive athletes. If you are trying to resolve a lingering issue with back or shoulder pain, then a remedial massage, Bowen Therapy or Myotherapy in Coffs Harbour is the ideal type of massage therapy to undertake.

Remedial massage therapists use deep tissue massage techniques (among other strategies) to eliminate tension, repair misaligned joints or vertebra and correct your posture. Collectively, these techniques can provide significant pain relief—not just in the short term, but in the long term as well. By eliminating the chronic pain and tension you feel in your back, neck or shoulders, a remedial massage or myotherapy treatment can also help you regain flexibility and range of motion in those areas—essential for peak athletic performance.

The massage therapy treatment menu at our Coffs Harbour or Coffs Harbour Jetty location also includes several types of massages geared specifically towards athletes. These massages are perfect for warming up your muscles before an event or relaxing your muscles after a workout or game. We even offer a sports massage option that is designed to promote deeper, more relaxed sleep—often an athlete’s best and most elusive friend before a major competition. These massage strategies can work to facilitate superior circulation to your muscles while also reducing tension. They are beneficial for preventing soreness, injury or tired muscles—making it easier for you to give you best performance during every contest or workout.

We even offer a physical therapy program at Body Alignment, which is perfect for resolving shin splints and other common athletic ailments.

Schedule Your Massage or Myotherapy or Bowen Therapy in Coffs Harbour

Are you interested in pursuing an athlete-focused type of Coffs Harbour massage therapy at Body Alignment? If so, give us a call on 0415 431 826. We would be happy to speak with you about your athletic goals and what you are hoping to accomplish through sports massage. Whether you are looking for ways to avoid injury or need help getting past chronic pain and tension in your upper or lower back, our talented team of massage therapists can help.